To schedule an astrological consultation with me, send email either through the contact link on this web page, or by writing to

Before arranging a consultation, please determine the place, date, and time of your birth. Accurate birth time – to the minute – is essential for an accurate horoscope; an accurate horoscope is essential for a worthwhile consultation.

If neither you nor your parents recall this information, seek a copy of your birth certificate or birth registration. Contact the hospital where you were born, or the town or city clerk in the municipality where you were born. This is a routine request for them, and usually involves a small fee.

When you have all the information, send e-mail to Steven: and request an appointment.

The cost of a complete Star*City Astrological consultation is $145.00; a one-hour live reading is $75.  If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, follow this link to my Chiron Communications web pages, where you will find a PayPal link and further instruction.

I like to do my consultations on Skype — which is a free, computer-based phone service. If you do not have Skype, you can easily download it for free by clicking on the Skype link. It’s very clean and simple. If you have a webcam, then we can see each other live while we talk and our hands will be free. That allows me to work with your horoscope and my reference texts (ephemeris) while we talk, and it allows you free hands to make notes. If Skype does not work for you, we can either consult over the phone or meet in person here in Star*City — Lincoln, Nebraska.


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