Nota Bene

As a counselor I strive to provide useful services and information. My consultations are based on the client’s unique personal data, and are tailored – from start to finish – for you as an individual. There are no canned elements, or computer interpretations. I maintain strict client confidentiality.

You are responsible for your own life and future. My task as an astrologer and counselor is to support and to guide you toward understanding, and toward the results you desire — where you have the ability and circumstances to pursue them.

No astrological forecast is a guarantee. You have free will, and you choose how to respond to the circumstances of your life. Only you are responsible for your decisions, actions, and how they shape your future. What I do — what any competent professional astrologer does — is to help you illuminate your specific gifts and purposes, indicate conditions you could find yourself in, explore with you the range of possible reactions, and specify the best times to strive toward your objectives.

Steven McFadden, Star*City Astrology


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