Welcome to Star*City Astrology, a web page for Steven McFadden. No matter where you are in North America or the world, you can schedule a personal appointment for a phone or Skype consultation.

I have studied the stars as a wilderness quester and as an astrologer for more than 35 years, as part of a broad professional background. I offer public talks, and private astrological consultations. If you are interested in a consultation, please see the Consultations link on this blog and we can set up an appointment.


Steven McFadden

For thousands of years, in all parts of the world, people have carefully observed the stars, planets, and eclipses. As patterns became apparent in the sky, observers noticed the patterns mirrored on earth. Thus emerged the Astrological seed thought: As above, so below.

By considering the symbolic language of stars and planets, and their relation to earthly patterns of life, people may make illumined decisions as they move through life — employing intelligence, free will, and informed choice.

An astrological consultation is one vehicle for striving toward the ideal articulated by the ancient Greeks: Gnothe Se, Know Thyself. The advice remains as relevant in the 21st Century as it was thousands of years ago.

I have been a student of the sky and its symbols  for over 35  years. I’ve had the opportunity to counsel hundreds of people, and to give talks on various astrological themes.

In consulting with clients my aim is for clarity, practicality, and intuitive insight. I strive to deliver  insight in plain language on what clients are currently experiencing as mirrored in and symbolized by the sky signs. After discussing the horoscope foundation, I pay specific attention to the forces and circumstances that are bearing upon the present, and which are about to unfold.

You may arrange for an astrological conversation in person in Lincoln, Nebraska, or remotely anywhere in the world over Skype or the telephone.

I invite you to visit my other web sites. Chiron Communications is my main engine. The Call of the Land serves up information on one of my most popular books concerning  food, food security, farms and general agrarian matters. Finally,  Odyssey of the 8th Fire tells the true, epic saga of a walk from the Atlantic to the Pacific, a historic pilgrimage guided by  the traditional wisdom keepers of North America. I was privileged to be part of the walk, and to chronicle it all at length online.


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