Blasting into Overdrive

On March 11, 2011 the planet Uranus will enter the tropical Zodiac sign of Aries, and immediately begin to mirror a new and electrifying epoch of human history.


If you feel the pace and fervor of personal, national, and international events has been intense, they take four deep breaths, center yourself, and step forward boldly in the directions you need to move.  Everything is about to get exponentially more intense — as reckoned by the classical themes of the planet Uranus and the sign Aries.

Uranus, aka Prometheus, bears the energy of revolutionary electric ethers, the fifth element symbolized by the two parallel wavy lines. It is said to rule lightning, electricity, technology, airplances, space ships, computers, smartphones and all devices digital. It also symbolizes conditions of awakening, enlightenment, upheaval, revolution, and insight, and sudden reversal.


Aries is the first of the 12 Zodiac signs. Its symbol is the ram, and it’s a field of energy noted for being active, yang, and conducive to swift, straight-ahead action.  Aries does not sit and contemplate in quiet when something new is thought necessary. It just lunges forward in an effort to make it happen. Consequently, the Aries impulse can often express itself without a plan or a strategy, and so find itself butting head on to immovable, or at least seemingly immovable, obstacles.  Aries is the initiator.

With Uranus entering Aries on March 11, the fiery, intense, inspiring waves and bolts of energy will — for the next seven years — surge through the ethers and be part of our lives on personal, social, cultural, political and technological levels. We are blasting into overdrive.


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